Testimonials by  John Miller’s patients 

I have visited John many times for multiple reasons. Initially I was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery, but I wanted a better option than just cutting a tendon and calling it a day. I had 3 sessions with John, and have had no issues with carpal tunnel in just a few visits. Most recently I have seen him during my marathon training to work on issues with muscles in my legs from the training, I also had a stress fracture from training and John helped with the muscle tension that resulted from wearing a walking boot for 5 weeks and the stress of getting back to running afterward-the treatment is an amazing help. John is super professional and is very in tune with his patients and what they can and can’t tolerate to treat them best. Best of all is his goal is to help heal and fix the problem for good, not just make you feel good enough, but still  need to come back indefinitely. (Hard to find in this city!!) Great guy and a great practice! Highly recommended! Thanks John! Josh, Manhattan

“Thank you for an amazing session of acupuncture yesterday. I was tired after the treatment but woke up feeling revived and strong this morning. Kind of amazing, like I was on holiday relax mode, but ready for anything. (I am normally tired and sore from all the physical classes I teach). Highly recommend John K. Miller.” Yanti,  Manhattan

My first acupuncture treatment was about thirty three years ago. I love acupuncture, it has helped me clear a wide variety physical issues, several that western medicine could not help. John has been my go to guy for several years now, is a powerful healer and a fantastic human being.” Jen Portland, Oregon

“John is a born healer.  I’ve been treated by him on several occasions when nothing else would work, and each time I’ve walked away a changed man!  He approaches acupuncture from a holistic standpoint, really taking the time to get to root causes and to examine every angle of treatment.  In my case he’s combined needling with massage and energy work – whatever has been required to find release.  I’ve seen many acupuncturists in my life and John’s style has proven to be the most effective for me in providing near-immediate relief.  I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a great acupuncturist!
JC  Brooklyn, NY

I have had treatments with a number of acupuncturists over the years with little success until I met John.  He is by far the best acupuncturist I have ever seen!  A true healer.  I have recommended him to all my friends.” Catherine  Burlington, VT

John truly is a wonderful magical healer and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I went to see him at a time where I was suffering from major anxiety and stress due to certain situations that were happening in my life. Seeing John was the catalyst that made me feel like everything was going to be okay and his healing powers made me instantly feel like I could handle whatever was coming. I felt so much lighter, calmer and I instantly could eat and sleep better too. His beautiful energy made me feel like I could be really honest with what was going on and his combined acupuncture and energy work was exactly what I needed. Naomi  Brooklyn, NY

John Miller is expert at pain relief.  I started seeing John for intense neck and shoulder pain that was debilitating and made me hide out at home, keeping me from living a normal, happy life! He is often able to relieve that pain in one session, meaning I am pain free and back into the swing of life,  all drug-free. He also has terrific advice about general health, exercise, and diet  Anne  Manhattan, NY

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