Trigger Point Therapy


One of John Miller’s specialties is the manipulation (or release) of Trigger Points, or tight muscle points, using acupuncture needles. Most people have experienced muscle pain and for some people, have found what feels like a tight ball wound up in the muscles. These are Trigger Points. An Acupuncturist is able to insert needles directly into muscle points and ‘release’ these tight balls of muscle, often providing nearly immediate relief from pain. This form of physical therapy may offer significant relief to those who suffer from muscle pain. Many clients, who have been told they require surgery, have found that by simply loosening up the tight muscles around problem areas, mobility may be regained. Some cases may be solved by one session; others may need multiple sessions as the body learns to adapt with reclaimed flexibility.

Athletes have found that incorporating Trigger Point work in their regular training system speeds up healing and keeps muscles functioning properly. Those who log long hours sitting at a desk or a laptop computer also find relief. Releasing of Trigger Points counteract the pain of contracting  muscles, due to bad posture and extended periods of sitting.

A popular style of Chinese Acupuncture has recently been co-opted by untrained and unlicensed people who call it, Dry Needling”.  This style of acupuncture is best translated from Chinese into English as “Orthopedic Acupuncture” and closely follows the concept of  Trigger Point Therapy, releasing Trigger Points in muscles. Orthopedic Acupuncture is a style of needling that incorporates a stronger stimulation and manipulation and is highly effective in treating chronic and acute muskulo-skeletal pain. It is important to only receive acupuncture treatment from formally trained, licensed and certified practitioners.

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